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Galaxy J5 prime

by Samsung

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Extend the Fitbit Charge HR to the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

In a recent review we had no problem pairing the Fitbit Charge HR with the Moto G4 Plus using the Fitbit App. This time we will set up the popular fitness band with the new Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime in a similar manner.

If you don't already have the Fitbit App, you can easily download and install from Google Play.

To simplify things, you can refer to this example to set up the App. Also make sure to enable Bluetooth to allow the App to detect the Fitbit Charge  HR and sync with the phone.

During the setup, you can access interesting tips and information for the fitness tracker in attractive visuals. You also get to select which wrist to wear it on and what type of clock face to use.



Once setup has completed, the App will be able to sync automatically with the Fitbit Charge HR. Now you can explore and use the fitness band from a nice user interface.


You also get additional features like calls and notification on the Fitbit Charge HR when used from the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime over Bluetooth. 

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