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DeX Station

by Samsung

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Supported Interfaces:

HDMI 1.4
USB 2.0
USB PD 2.0
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Build a Desktop for Your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with the Samsung USB-C DeX Station

Samsung's DeX Station supplements its newest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ phones with a docking solution that offers Ethernet, USB, and HDMI connectivity.  

As simple as just attaching the Galaxy S8 or S8+ on the DeX Station, you can quickly charge the phone over USB Type-C using Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) technology. With the added USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode (or “Alt Mode”) video outputs, you can extend the phone's display over HDMI to achieve a resolution of 4K@30hz on a connected external monitor. The phone comes with a special Dex mode capability which enables you to open all applications from the phone in multiple separate windows on the external monitor. On top of charging and display extension, the DeX Station also provides two USB Type-A 2.0 ports and one Ethernet port to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The DeX Station is highly portable with a compact circular disk body, and to use it, just push down one end of the top surface to have the other end slide up.

The DeX Station has a series of connectors on its rear that consists of two USB Type-A 2.0 connectors, one LAN Ethernet port, one USB Type-C charging port, and one HDMI output port. The HDMI output supports 4K@30hz through DisplayPort Alternate Mode. You can use the USB 2.0 connectors to attach your USB peripherals like a mouse or keyboard to create a desktop environment.

The dock also uses a built-in fan to prevent the phone from overheating when connected.

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