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Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

Pixel 4 XL

by Google Inc.

Click any of the link below to get charging behavior of different phone models with different charging technologies and specific chargers.  All testing was done using the GRL-C2 USB PD Tester and GRL-PSP Power Analyzer software from Granite River Labs.


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Apple iPhone 

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Products Tested: iPhone 12 , Apple iPhone 12 Pro , Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max , iPhone 11 Pro Max 


Apple iPad


Products Tested: Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2020)


Apple MacBook


Products Tested: Apple 13" MacBook Air (2020) 


Google Pixel

Pixel 5

Pixel 4 XL

Products Tested: Google Pixel 5 , Google Pixel 4 XL 


Lenovo Moto


Products Tested:  Lenovo Moto e6


Microsoft Surface


Products Tested: Microsoft Surface Go 2 , Microsoft Surface Go 




Products Tested: OPPO Reno Ace , OPPO K5 , OPPO Reno2 


Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Note10+

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Products Tested: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G , Samsung Galaxy Note10+ , Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G , Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G



Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

Pixel 4 XL

by Google Inc.
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Pixel 4 XL

by Google Inc.
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