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iPhone 12 Pro

by Apple

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Shows Interesting Charging Behavior to Support 5G

We tested the Apple iPhone 12 Pro to see how the phone charges using USB Power Delivery technology (click here to find out).

Also see how the Apple iPhone 12 Pro performs when used with different chargers versus the Apple MagSafe:

Here's a closer look at the Apple iPhone 12 Pro which runs on Apple's newest iOS 14 chipset.

Just like with the iPhone 12 series, no charger is included with the Apple iPhone 12 Pro in the box. The only accessory the phone gets is a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. You will need to purchase your own Apple charger to keep the Apple iPhone 12 Pro charged.

For faster charging, use a USB Power Delivery based Apple charger supporting 20W or higher with the Apple iPhone 12 Pro.  

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro shares many similarities with the iPhone 12 including form factor, display and battery capacity.  

The camera setup, quality and features are not too different either between the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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