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What Happens When You Try Using the Bamboo Fineline with Your Lenovo Yoga 920 (2-in-1)

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The dual Thunderbolt 3 enabled Yoga 920 (2-in-1) by Lenovo comes with its own included Lenovo stylus pen which uses Bluetooth to connect with supported Apps on the notebook. Unless you prefer to stick with only Lenovo products, you might be curious to know if the Yoga 920 (2-in-1) can also work with an external stylus like the Bamboo Fineline.   

The Bamboo Fineline is made primarily for Apple iOS devices and if you actually check wacom.com/comp, it doesn't claim to support Windows based devices. Still, we wanted to see if the Bamboo Fineline could work with the Yoga 920 (2-in-1).

On the Yoga 920 (2-in-1), we first installed the Bamboo Paper App by Wacom from Windows Store to see how the Bamboo Fineline actually  works with a compatible App. We found the Bamboo Fineline to have a lot of problems to continuously write on the PC. The Bamboo Fineline  was not able to continuously keep up with the writing and many of the letters can not be fully formed. Overall it was a messy experience using the Bamboo Fineline with the Yoga 920 (2-in-1) and not recommended for any serious use with the Bamboo Paper App.

Note the Bamboo Fineline supports Bluetooth Low Energy rather than standard Bluetooth so it won't show up in the Add a device window in the PC's Settings and you won't be able to pair it.

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