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iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Videos & Analysis

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Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

Overall iPhone Charging Guidance: What is the Best Charger for You and Your iPhone?

iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging Recommendations: 

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Now Achieves 22.5W Charging Using USB Power Delivery

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Now Achieves Faster Charging Over Qi Technology


iPhone 11 Pro Max Charger Specific Analysis by Technology:

Charging with USB Technology


Constant Strong Air Flow  and Cold Pack (Ideal Charging Curve)

iPhone 11 Pro Max & 27W USB Power Delivery

Real-Time: https://youtu.be/f4YEiA_wpF8

Quick View: https://youtu.be/CLK_TJMgE2E

Smart View: https://youtu.be/aKTIWdl55pg

Products Tested: iPhone 11 Pro Max , Energear 27W PD 3.0 with PPS AC Charger


iPhone 11 Pro Max & 27W USB Power Delivery


Quick View: https://youtu.be/j2EJ_flUwHo

Smart View: https://youtu.be/ByEukGMty74

Products Tested: iPhone 11 Pro Max , Samsung 25W PD 3.0 PPS Type-C Charger 


Charging with Qi Technology


iPhone 11 Pro Max & 15W Samsung Qi

Constant Strong Air Flow (Ideal Charging Curve)

Real Time: https://youtu.be/At25hYiONrw

Quick View: https://youtu.be/CAukyDq-E_I

Smart View: https://youtu.be/RSRuPmFPuzE

Products Tested: iPhone 11 Pro Max , Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand 


iPhone 11 Pro Max & 15W MagSafe

Real Time: https://youtu.be/pqHSbNdc_LY

Products Tested: iPhone 11 Pro Max , Apple MagSafe Charger 


iPhone 11 Pro Max & 5W Qi

Quick View: https://youtu.be/rigonygI7Ng

Smart View: https://youtu.be/HgZsHPwikmw

Products Tested: iPhone 11 Pro Max , Just Wireless 5W Qi Wireless Charging Pad 

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