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Gear VR (2017)

by Samsung

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Samsung Adds On a Bluetooth Controller for New Gear VR (2017)

Samsung once again hopes to tempt virtual reality fans when it presented the Gear VR (2017) along with its Galaxy S8 and S8+. The new Gear VR surprisingly almost mirrors last year's Gear VR (2016) save for some minor tweaks. In addition to using USB to connect to the touch controller that is integrated on the right side of the headset, the Gear VR (2017) now supports Bluetooth to connect to a Bluetooth controller handheld accessory similar to what the Google Pixel phone uses with its Daydream View VR headset.

The Gear VR (2017) is bigger and heavier when compared with Google's Daydream View, but more obvious is the breathable, almost fabric material that the Daydream View comes in, while the Gear VR (2017) is covered in plastic.   

The Gear VR (2017) as expected is only made to work with certain Samsung phone models that use both USB Type-C and micro USB connectors that plug into the Gear VR. This compatibility is similar to the previous version, however the new Gear VR doesn't support the Samsung Galaxy Note7. On the other hand, the Daydream View allows other Daydream enabled Android phones to be used with the headset, but doesn't come with a port to connect the phone and headset like the Gear VR. The Daydream View works by inserting the phone pre-installed with the Daydream App inside the headset.  

The Gear VR 2017's controller offers a convenient way for VR navigation instead of using the touch controller on the headset. The controller will also  come in handy when playing VR games as its control buttons can be used like a typical game pad. 

Like the previous version, the side control functions of the Gear VR 2017 headset also include a touch pad, home/back buttons, and volume up/down buttons.

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