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15W USB-C Wall Charger

by Perigears

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The Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger is a Simple Way to Charge Your USB Type-C Phone

The Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger is an inexpensive way to get 15 watts of charging over USB Type-C which is useful if you have USB Type-C based mobile phones to charge. 

The Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger doesn't use active USB Power Delivery but rather uses simple CC line voltage levels to communicate when up to 15 watts of power should be provided. Click here to see how this charger works with the Huawei P10.

Many phones that support USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C already achieve fast charging at 15 watts so you don't need to use more expensive active USB Power Delivery based chargers if that's all you need.


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