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Huawei P10 Can Charge with the Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger

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The Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger is a convenient AC power adapter to bring on your travels which can be used to charge most USB Type-C phones like the Huawei P10. Let's see how the Huawei P10 charges with the Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger which doesn't support active USB Power Delivery protocol negotiations but can still deliver 15W based charging over USB Type-C. The Huawei P10 on the other hand supports both USB Power Delivery and Huawei's own SuperCharge technology over its USB Type-C interface.

When plugged in to the Huawei P10’s USB Type-C connector, the Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger was able to deliver around 10.4 watts of steady state charging to the Huawei P10. This is lower power when compared to using USB Power Delivery or Huawei SuperCharge but reasonable enough for a quick charge if needed.

Click here to download the trace captured by the GRL-A1 power analyzer to see more details on how the Perigears 15W USB-C Wall Charger charges  the Huawei P10.

Download the A1 software from Granite River Labs here to view the trace.

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