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Otium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Stereo with Mic Bass Noise Cancelling

by Otium

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A Look at Otium’s Wireless Sports Earbuds- Be Careful Not To Confuse with Beats Headphones from Apple

The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds sports a similar color scheme and design as the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless.  These earbuds are sold through the Unibuying online store or through Amazon and are sold at a heavy discount compared to the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless.

The construction of the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds's cardboard box is rather solid, with the lid was taped down with two circular pieces of tape sporting the name, "Otium Beats".  The cover features a rather artistic rendition of the headphones, a black silhouette contrasting against the red background, with the power button highlighted on one of the ear pieces and a red circle on the other.  The bottom of the box provides more information on the device, advertising its features and specifications. 

Opening the box required the removal of the two stickers, though a simple slip of a knife through the tape would have sufficed as well. Apart from the earbuds themselves, the box also contained an instructions manual, charging cable, and a Unibuying contact information card.  Unfortunately this card prints out a link to http://www.otiumobile.com/ but this link shows smartphone and smartwatch info but nothing on these earbuds.   The instructions manual also has the words "Otium Beats" printed at the top.

The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds can be found comfortably nestled into the foam, which provides a convenient indentation for the fingers, facilitating the removal of the earbuds from their casing.   

Through the process of removing the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds, we first noticed the earpiece that wraps around the ear of the wearer was really flexible. Further testing confirms that this is in fact comfortable to wear. The rectangular box on the lower side of the image above contained the charging cable as well as additional ear tips. The ear tips were easy to overlook, as the charging cable ran most of the length of the box. Had I not known to expect the eartips, I would not have found them. 

The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds itself has a curious shape, as can be seen above. It is attached to a pebble-sized protrusion, which, when worn, seems to do a decent job in blocking out noise. The right earpiece contains all of the control buttons- the power button being on the side, and two distinct buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume. The headphones are charged through a port on the bottom of the right earpiece, concealed by a flap of silicone-like material. 

While the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds is not too subtle in using similar colors, design, and even using the name "Beats", it's obviously not the same as the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless and shouldn't be confused with products from Apple's Beats.  Still, the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds possesses a certain degree of quality in its construction and presentation and is very affordable for those with a tight budget but wanting this style of headphones.


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