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USB-C Multiport Adapter

by Moshi

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Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter Lets You Connect More Through USB Type-C

As devices become slimmer and more portable, traditional connectors like USB Type-A, DisplayPort/HDMI, and power are going the way of USB Type-C. Many of the latest Mac's and Android phones/tablets only have the USB Type-C connector, there isn't much room left for other interfaces, which is where the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter comes in.

When connected to a USB Type-C based Mac with a single USB Type-C to Type-C cable, the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter provides your Mac with a HDMI 1.4 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gb/s) Type-A port. The Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter should also be compatible with other PC's, tablets, and smartphones that support DisplayPort over USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 technologies, but it's better to check with the manufacturer's specs or GTrusted for compatibility information.

The Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter comes in nice retail packaging that shows off its smooth aluminum body that is very compatible style-wise to the Mac.

The product information can be found at the back of the box.

Inside the box, there's only a warranty card along with the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter. Other than silver, the Moshi dock also comes in satin gold and golden rose finishing which are also very compatible to Mac colors. 

The Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter comes with a tethered non-removable USB Type-C cable that is used to connect to your computing device. You will need to connect another USB Power Delivery based Type-C AC adapter (up to 60W) to the USB Type-C receptacle of the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter so that power can flow through to the computing device.

There's also an LED indicator at the top corner of the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter that indicates when charging is happening.

The slot which the tethered USB Type-C cable comes out from allows the cable to be folded and stored inside when not in use.  

The front of the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter contains a USB Type-C port for charging, a HDMI 1.4 port for 4K@30hz video, and a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gb/s) Type-A port for data. Any USB data peripheral like a USB storage drive connected to the dock's USB Type-A port should be accessible by the computing device. If the computing device supports DisplayPort over USB Type-C and/or Thunderbolt 3, you can also link up an external 4K monitor from the HDMI port to output video up to 4K@30hz resolution depending on the capability of the computing device and monitor. If the computing device supports USB Power Delivery based charging, you can add up to a 60W USB Power Delivery based AC adapter to the USB Type-C port.

The Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter is small enough to take on the road with your Mac or other computing device that supports Thunderbolt 3 or DisplayPort over USB Type-C. We look forward to seeing how the Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter performs with different computers and peripherals in several upcoming reviews.

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