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Misfit Ray -Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Sport Band (Rose Gold)

by Misfit

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Misfit Goes Long with the Ray- Wearable Elegance that Keeps You Fit

In the crowded fitness wearables space, Misfit has made a name for itself by providing fashion forward products and "don't worry about it" battery life using long lasting watch batteries.  Misfit products like the Flash, Shine, and Link have all kept the simple round watch-like shape that avoided using geeky digital displays.  

The Ray is Misfit's first fitness wearable that doesn't use the round shape fans associate with the Misfit.  Instead, it uses a long cylinder shape which is unusual in the land of wearables.  Unlike other bands from Garmin, Fitbit, or Jawbone which have a thick rigid layer in their fitness products, Misfit has focused on comfort using light adjustable watch style bands and a round cylinder shape that barely touches your skin.  The result is a wearable accessory that looks unique enough to stand out and be noticed, but for most of the day you can't even feel that it's there.  For those that sometimes get skin irritations from other band products, the Ray is a nice alternative.

The Misfit Ray, like other Misifit products, comes in a simple clear box that hides nothing and lets you see the whole product clearly before buying it.  

Once you remove the white tray, you'll reveal the watch batteries which are another key differentiator for Misfit products.  One of the most common complaints by users of wearable technology is the short battery life, forcing you to add yet another thing to recharge regularly.  Rather than lasting just a few days, Misfit products like the Ray allow you to not worry about charging for 6 months, which is awesome.  The Misfit Ray allows you to just wear and forget, so that it seamlessly integrates into your life rather than disrupting it. 

Of course, achieving this ultra-long battery life is not without its downsides. There are no fancy digital displays to give you your number of steps, nor buttons to press on the Ray. However, the result is a minimalist design that provides the user a comfortable, good looking device that collects fitness data in the background.

Here is how to insert the watch batteries into the Misfit Ray. You need to first find a small dot at the end of the Ray.  

Hold the band near the small dot and push the band into the end of the Ray's cylinder. As you push in, twist the band counter-clockwise and the battery container will come out of the outer casing. Add the batteries into the container. Insert the container back into the outer casing with the bottom of the band turned such that when twisted clockwise into the casing, the band will end up in the original orientation.

The Misfit Ray works with the latest Android and Apple phone/tablet products.  

Click here to see how to set up the Misfit Ray on Android with LG Google Nexus 5X.

Click here to see how to set up the Misfit Ray on an Apple device like the iPhone 6s.

Misfit's focus on fashion made it attractive to the Fossil Group, which acquired Misfit in late 2015.  As more and more traditional watch companies look at ways to integrate fitness tracking and smart watch capabilities into their products, look out for more products like the Misfit Ray to emphasize fashion and not dilute their brand by going overboard with tech.

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