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What Smart Assistant Platform Works with the LUX GEO Wi-Fi Thermostat to Help Automate Your Home

The Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen) helped put smart thermostats on the map but since then a lot of other less pricey alternatives have come out like the LUX/GEO. The LUX/GEO doesn't try to collect and analyze a lot of data in the cloud but rather just focuses on providing remote Wi-Fi control of your thermostat through your smartphone or Amazon Alexa.

The LUX/GEO only uses Wi-Fi to connect rather than connectivity technologies like Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Thread. It also only supports Amazon Alexa rather than Apple HomeKit or Google Home.

The LUX/GEO packaging was very retail friendly and in both English and Spanish.

The LUX/GEO works with a lot of different heating and cooling systems, and can work on battery, 24V C-Wire, or USB Micro-B power.

The LUX/GEO comes with two AA batteries, wire connector twists, stickers with printer codes, mounting plate, and documentation.

The LUX/GEO just has a single large dial that also acts as two buttons at the top and bottom of the dial (next to red and blue arrows).

 You can also set up the LUX/GEO to have the dial in different positions relative to the display when mounted.

You can take off the back cover of the LUX/GEO to insert the batteries and heating and cooling control wires.

The LUX/GEO relies on a lower resolution display which doesn't look as sophisticated as the Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen) but simple and functional.

You can use the dial to set up the LUX/GEO if you aren't comfortable using a smartphone App.

Click here to see how to set up the LUX/GEO with Amazon Alexa.

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