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Google Home Mini

by Google Inc.

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Google Combines Style and Affordability with the Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is the follow up to the Google Home and is part of Google's strategy to embed expensive hardware in the home and spread the use of Google Assistant. Unlike the Google Home which is larger and has capacitive touch interaction and colored LED lightning, the Google Home Mini  provides a nice looking speaker in a small compact form factor where all the controls are primarily done through voice commands. There are still lights embedded in the Google Home Mini speaker which are visible to the user but they are not as fancy as what the Google Home has. The Google Home  was prone to a lot of scratches but the cloth-like covering of the Google Home Mini should prevent these types of scratching happening.

The Google Home Mini is being heavily promoted by Google which you can receive through multiple discounts available through Target, Google, etc.  Google was providing a free Google Home Mini with the purchase of a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL while Target was providing a $10 gift card with the purchase of the Google Home Mini.

We purchased the Google Home Mini at Target where they had a lot of display space given to Google products and smart home in general.

The Google Home Mini comes in simple Google style packaging which makes you tear the box to prevent any reuse and counterfeiting.

The Google Home Mini just comes with a AC power cord and documentation.

The bottom of the Google Home Mini comes in an orange-red rubberized material for traction.

The AC power connects through a USB Micro-B port on the Google Home Mini.


The AC power adapter shows that the Google Home Mini consumes 11.38Wh of power.

The Google Home Mini has a very natural comfortable look and blends in well with its environment. We liked the styling more than the Google Home  which after a lot of moving around got quite scratched up. The Google Home Mini should be a lot more portable and can be placed in any nook and corner of your home.

You can use the Google Home Mini to not only work with Google Assistant, play Google Play music, but also control your Google Home compatible smart home devices. Google has really brought down the price point of the its Google Home hardware to be affordable to most everyone, making Google even more ubiquitous than it already is.

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