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Google Home

by Google Inc.

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Unboxing and Taking a Closer Look of the Google Home

After taking advantage of the LG offer bundling the Google Home with the LG G6 as described in this previous review, we received the Google Home about a couple of weeks after making the LG G6 purchase and signing up for the offer.

The shipment appeared to come from LG and arrived slightly damaged in the corners.

The box is designed to be opened while standing vertically.

There aren't any accessories that come with the Google Home other than a traditional AC power supply. Unlike some of its competitors out there from Amazon, Google decided not to use USB for charging despite Google's active adoption in USB Type-C technology in its Chromebook and Pixel phone products.

The Google Home is well designed to look classy enough to blend well into any living room, office, or bedroom setting. It just has a single physical mute button that can be used to make sure you get some privacy and you don't want Google servers listening in on you. The top of the Google Home is a smooth surface but has colored LED underneath and is sensitive to touch gestures to play/pause, adjust the volume, etc. The only way to power on and off the Google Home is by plugging and unplugging the power cable.


Unlike the Amazon Tap, there is no Bluetooth support or pairing button. 

We'll next set up the Google Home and see how well it works with other phones and smart home devices (click here to see the setup review and problems we had with the NETGEAR Orbi router).

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