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Dell UltraSharp U2515H 25-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

by Dell Inc.

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Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor- Packed with Connectivity

The Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (U2515H) not only looks great but is packed with as much connectivity options possible for a standalone monitor. I purchased the monitor online from Yodobashi Camera Online in Japan.  Delivery was smooth and the box it came in was professional looking (for a monitor box). Dell U2515H Display-01  Dell U2515H Display-03 Dell U2515H Display-04 The Dell U2515H monitor comes with accessories like the a DisplayPort cable, CD-ROM, and back panel cover. Dell U2515H Display-20 Once you take out the Dell monitor, you'll appreciate the well design aesthetics including adjustable viewing height and swivel position. Dell U2515H Display-07 Dell U2515H Display-08  Dell U2515H Display-15 Other than its superb clarity, the key feature of this Dell UltraSharp Monitor is its wide range of connectivity interfaces. Dell U2515H Display-18 For PC's or Mac's with HDMI outputs like the HP Stream or Apple MacBook Pro, you can connect to one of two HDMI ports.  You can connect the other HDMI port to a digital media player like the Roku 4, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Xiaomi Mi Box, or Amazon Fire TV to transform your Dell Display into a Smart TV. Since the U2515H HDMI ports also supports MHL, you can plug mobile phones supporting MHL like the Samsung Note 4, HTC One (M8), and Sony Xperia to display your phone's screen on the monitor while charging. If you want to be able to daisy chain multiple monitors, the U2515H also supports a DisplayPort IN to connect to a PC, and a DisplayPort OUT to connect to another monitor with DisplayPort.  Many new PC's have moved to DisplayPort like Google Pixel Chromebook, Apple MacBookApple Mac Pro, and Microsoft Surface.  Note Apple products do not support this DisplayPort Multi-Stream (MST) monitor daisy chain feature. Finally, the U2515H also has a USB 3.0 hub which allows your Dell monitor to act like a dock.  If you plug in your Dell monitor to the USB connect of your Microsoft SurfaceGoogle Pixel ChromebookASUS ZenBook, or ASUS Transformer Book Flip. Dell U2515H Display-16 Dell U2515H Display-17 The main drawback of the Dell U2515H is that it doesn't support 4K so if you want 4K you need to upgrade to the Dell P Series Monitors like the P2415Q or P2715Q. Still, the Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor has a lot going for it especially if you have a lot of devices that can make full use of all its connectivity features.

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