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Watch Series 4

by Apple

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Apple Offers a Faster Apple Watch Series 4 for Your iPhone and iPad

With the Apple Watch Series 4 just released recently it shows the Apple Watch has done well as a wearable accessory for the iPhone and iPad. The Apple Watch Series 4 is pricier than the former Apple Watch Series 3 but offers some upgrades in both features and specs.

With the newer Apple System in Package S4 dual-core chipset, the Apple Watch Series 4 can now perform faster using a 64-bit dual-core processor and better GPU as compared to the previous S3 dual-core processor. The Apple Watch Series 4 still offers both GPS only and GPS + Cellular models but with more advanced W3 wireless chip that can better receive and transmit signals. Like previous the Series 4 continues to use a combination of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on what bandwidth is needed to transfer data from your iPhone to the watch. At the same time you also need to make sure your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is turned on your iPhone.

While slightly bigger than the Series 3, the Apple Watch Series 4 still looks as elegant and has almost similar design. The Series 4 now shows off a more curvy display that looks more stylish than the previous rectangular shape. The watch also offers similar applications that range from fitness tracking and goals, news notifications, voice navigation and maps but has improved accelerometer and gyroscope functions.

The Apple Watch Series 4 came with separate attachable straps as well as a magnetic charging cable and a USB power adapter.

Like a typical Apple Watch, don't expect the Apple Watch Series 4 to operate as a standalone but simply acts more like a wearable extension of your iPhone or iPad.

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