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MagSafe Charger

by Apple

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Apple Brings Back the Beloved MagSafe Charger

The Apple MagSafe Charger brings back to life the MagSafe charger that Apple got rid of when moving to USB Power Delivery (PD) for Mac charging. However, the new MagSafe Charger is targeted towards the new iPhone 12 and uses Qi technology to support up to 5W charging for Qi enabled smartphones (and up to 12.5W charging for the iPhone 12).  

The MagSafe Charger also acts as a USB PD consumer and accepts 27W (9V@3A) PD Objects (PDO's) from chargers. In a way, the MagSafe Charger is acting as a wireless charging bridge for USB PD but at much lower efficiency (power system transmission efficiency from AC source to the phone battery is roughly 85% for best in class USB PD vs 55% for USB PD+Qi combined).

Click here to see how the MagSafe Charger works with the iPhone 12.

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