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Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover

by Samsung

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Can Blackberry Fans Finally Rejoice With The Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover?

For years, loyal Blackberry fans have often had to succumb to the sheer popularity of Android phones and Apple iPhones, and their touch screen interfaces. For those longing to go back to tactile keyboards, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 now also comes with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover. This product comes with both a cover and a clip-on tactile keyboard. 

The keyboard portion can be clipped on to the Samsung Galaxy S8 directly, which the phone recognizes and immediately adjusts its screen to accommodate.

When not in use, you clip the keyboard to the back of the cover.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover is also interesting in that unlike traditional mobile keyboards, it doesn't use Bluetooth or power. This means it won't drain your phone or even need charging up itself. The keys just directly contact the screen to type on a virtual keyboard.

To address those worried that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has removed the home key, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover brings it back including the handy go-back button.

Given that Blackberry users really raved about the responsiveness of the keyboard, it's likely that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover  wouldn't meet such a high standard. However, for people who are all thumbs, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover is worth looking at.

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