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Sangdo Original Xiaomi MI Pad Mipad 7 9 Pulgadas 16 GB Tegra K1 Quad Core CPU IPS 2048

by Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Goes After Apple (again) with Mi Pad

After Xiaomi's unquestionable success with its phones, no one was surprised that it has gone after the tablet market with the same great design at a ultra low price approach that has made Xiaomi the top selling phone in China.  As Apple has started to go after the professional market with the iPad Pro, Xiaomi has set its sights on the smaller iPad mini class tablets. I purchased the Mi Pad at Xiaomi's online store in Taiwan and delivery was done the next day.  The Mi Pad packaging is very similar to other Xiaomi products which focuses more on simple eco-friendly packaging rather than the premium gift look that Apple goes for.

The Mi Pad comes just with a USB power charger, USB cable, and basic documentation.

Even though the Mi Pad is about the same size and resolution as the iPad Mini, the price is a lot cheaper.  Similar to Xiaomi Phones, the Mi Pad has avoided the use on a main physical button found on all iPhone and iPads.

The Mi Pad also uses a standard micro USB connector found in most Android phones and tablets to perform charging.

On the side of the Mi Pad are the standard power and volume buttons.

Once you start up the Mi Pad, you will need to set up your language, location, and time zone.


You will also then need to set up your WI-FI network.


You then need to accept Terms and Conditions and have the ability to adjust Additional settings.


Set up is fast and easy, and you'll be able to start using your tablet in no time.


The Mi Pad comes with several finger guesture fingers like using 3 fingers swipe to the inside to close an open App or use a single finger to swipe down from the top to open the notifications.


If you purchase the Mi Pad outside of China, it will come installed with all your Google Apps like Google Play, Chrome, Gmail, etc.


Xiaomi also has its own Apps such as a helpful instant help hotline and being able to integrate with other Xiaomi devices.

The Mi Pad is just one of many products that Xiaomi has released going after big markets based on aggressive price, smart design, and unique branding.  Other than Apple, Xiaomi is the only other brand has generated such a mass of loyal fans willing to go out to find and buy its products like the Mi Note ProMi Band, Mi Box, and Yi Action Camera.  Its unique business model is certainly unconventional and it will be interesting to see how much market share success Xiaomi can replicate with the Mi Pad and these other products.    

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