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Use PowerBeats2 Wireless When Watching Amazon Prime Video on the Fire Tablet

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Reviewed Products

The Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless is a great pair of headphones that you can use to wireless enjoy the latest tunes.  They are also great for listening to Amazon's wide selection of movies and TV shows which are well integrated with the Amazon Fire Tablet like the Fire HDX 8.9.

To pair the PowerBeats2 Wireless, hold down main button for several seconds and the small LED will start blinking.  On the Fire Tablet select Settings->Wireless & VPN-> Bluetooth and when you see the Pair a Bluetooth Device window pop-up, select Scan.  Select Powerbeats Wireless when it appear on the pop-up window to start the pairing process.





You may need to try pairing the Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless several times but it should eventually connect with the Fire HDX 8.9.  The LED on the headphones will turn a solid white once paired.  Any Amazon Music, Movie, or TV Show that you play on the Fire Tablet will be heard on the headphones instead of the tablet's speakers.




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