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Tile (Gen 2) - Phone Finder. Key Finder. Item Finder - 1 Pack

by Tile, Inc.

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Tile Makes Finding Anything Simple and Fun

Tile is a great example of how a simple value proposition (find stuff you lose), an easy to use low cost product and awesome marketing can create a homerun success.  

The Tile app uses your phone's GPS and Bluetooth communication latency data to figure out roughly how far the Tile is from your phone or other mobile devices tied to your Tile device.  Given Tile's dependency on your smartphone, Tile is best used for devices that you carry around with you and near your mobile device.  

I purchased a Tile at the Tile booth at IOT World in Santa Clara, California.  It was amazing how so many people walked up to the booth and were already familiar with the product.  Most people immediately understood and loved the idea and the product's lost cost make it a great gift idea.

The Tile box is pretty simple and just contains the Tile device.  There is no separate battery since it has a built in battery that's supposed to last for a year.

At first, it seems like there is no obvious button but the letter 'e' services actually can be pressed down serving as your button and making for an esthetically pleasing overall design.

Click here for how to use Tile on an Android phone like the Nexus 5X.


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