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Premium High Speed HDMI Cable- 4K 60Hz 5m (15ft)

by StarTech

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StarTech 4K HDMI Cable Lets You Connect Your 4K HDMI Display Up to 15 Ft

If you are looking for a long HDMI cable, the StarTech 4K HDMI Cable (5 m) can be an option. The 5 m / 15 ft cable offers 4K@60p HDMI signal frame rates, HDR, 18 Gb/s and dual video stream, allowing you to link up your 4K or HD TV's or displays, as well as computers or other devices that use the HDMI connector. Just make sure that your monitor supports Multi-View to enable dual video streaming when using the StarTech 4K HDMI Cable (5 m).

Using the GRL DI20 cable tester to test the insertion loss (IL) through the StarTech 4K HDMI Cable (5 m), we can see the cable has almost similar overall signal integrity performance when compared to the Nikabe HDMI High Speed Cable (5 m) with the same length. The StarTech 4K HDMI Cable (5 m) however has slightly higher loss under 10 GHz compared to the Nikabe HDMI High Speed Cable (5 m).

Here's how the StarTech 4K HDMI Cable (5 m) looks like when removed from its packaging.

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