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Sony SmartBand 2 - Retail Packaging - Black

by Sony

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Sony SmartBand 2- Fitness Done Sony Style

The Fitbit Charge HR was the first popular wearable to support heart rate tracking without needing a separate chest band but other competitors like TomTom vivosmart HR and now the Sony SmartBand 2 have caught up.

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Sony particularly has aggressively gone after the fitness market with products similar to the Zepp Tennis sensor and audio headphones geared for running.

Sony Showcase at Sony HQ Japan-14  

Sony Showcase at Sony HQ Japan-18


I purchased the SmartBand 2 from Sony's online shop in Japan.


The Sony SmartBand 2 is very simply designed with just a LED, vibrator, and side push button to interface with the user. Like other wearable products, the SmartBand supports features like finding your paired smartphone, notification of receipt of e-mail or phone calls, and wake-up alarms. Click here to see how to set up the SmartBand 2 with the Xperia Z3. I took the SmartBand 2 through its paces while cycling.  I attached the Xperia Z3 to the mountain bike handle bar and also used the Runtastic App to monitor speed, distance, and location.


In the normal mode, the Sony SmartBand 2 measures the heart rate at 10 minute intervals.  However, if you go to the continuous measurement mode, you can see your heart rate in real time which is useful during periods of peak activity. The Sony SmartBand 2 works well and is great for users that like to stay within the Sony product ecosystem.

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