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Robolink's CoDrone Transforms the Standard Drone into an Educational Kit

The growing STEM education market has seen various robotics education kits being sold such as the CoDrone. The CoDrone is the brainchild of Robolink aimed to promote programming skills in students in a fun way. Basically a mini drone, the difference between CoDrone and other drones is that it allows you to program and control the drone itself. It also comes with online tutorials that teach you how to apply coding for your CoDrone

The CoDrone is very lightweight at just 37 grams and can support up to 160 ft range. The drone can be controlled using Bluetooth 4.0 from own controller or your smartphone via its mobile app. It uses an optical flow sensor for hovering up to 8 minutes as well as other sensors such as infrared, accelerometer, barometer and gyrometer. 

While many other drones like the Hover Camera Passport have cameras built in, the CoDrone on the other hand doesn't have any but it does offer an add-on camera which is sold separately. 

Robolink went for a more kid-friendly rather than professional packaging for the CoDrone which we purchased from Amazon. 

The side of the box highlights the key features and specifications of the drone.

Interestingly the drone was manufactured in Korea through Robolink's partnership with Korea based ByRobot.

The CoDrone comes with a bunch of accessories given it's meant to be an educational kit which supports the Arduino programming language for controlling the drone.

The comic-like quick instruction guide says to only use the CoDrone while indoors.

The CoDrone is supplied with an Arduino based controller building set, smart inventor board, rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack, USB battery charger, Bluetooth module, and USB programming cable. You can conveniently go to the Robolink website to get the online tutorial on setting up the drone.

The drone is really eye catching with cute spider-like design and quadcopters to support flight mode. To start controlling the drone, you will need to upload the necessary code to the remote controller.

There's a battery slot at the bottom of the drone's body for you to insert the included battery pack. Once inserted the drone will go into power on mode indicated by the red LED lighting which gives off a nice warm glow. The drone is ready for use once the green LED light on its back starts blinking.

The battery can be charged using the ByRobot USB battery charger that also came with the CoDrone. Once connecting the charger to a USB power supply, insert the battery into the charger to start charging. 

By selling the CoDrone at very affordable pricing, Robolink has made the CoDrone a lot more accessible to anyone who may not have considered buying a drone before as well as learning institutions to promote programming skills. We'll be doing a series of reviews to see how well the CoDrone supports Bluetooth with various devices.

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