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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Increases Qi Wireless Charging Power with the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand

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In a previous review, we saw how the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ has increased battery capacity and USB charging power over previous models. Let's see here how the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ has similarly increased power charging levels using Qi wireless charging technology. Here we use the GRL-C2 USB PD Tester and GRL-PSP Power Analyzer software to test and analyze the charging behavior.

We'll first look at how the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ with display and WI-FI kept active charges with the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand which itself is connected to the Samsung 25W PD 3.0 PPS Type-C Charger. Note the Samsung 25W PD 3.0 PPS Type-C Charger uses USB Power Delivery technology over a USB-C connector to communicate with the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand.

Here we are measuring the power being consumed on the USB side of the Qi stand, which is the stand's source of power. Using the GRL Battery Monitor App on the Android phone, we can also monitor directly the battery charging voltage and current levels.

The Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand consumes initially up to 24W briefly from the Samsung 25W PD 3.0 PPS Type-C Charger during the “Fast Charge” mode, where most of the consumption is around 9.5W. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note10+'s battery voltage and current reported by the GRL Battery Monitor App, we can see that the phone is charging briefly at 12W but most of the charging happens at around 4W. Temperature rises during “Fast Charge” mode by about 10°C.

During the “Cool Down” mode, the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand consumption drops by half periodically which helps to regulate the phone temperature. At 93% battery, the phone enters “Saturation” mode and the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand pulls about 4W from the Samsung 25W PD 3.0 PPS Type-C Charger until the battery is fully charged.

When comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note10+'s charging behavior when the phone is off versus when the phone's display and WI-FI are kept active, we can see that the phone charges much faster while the phone is off since it doesn't try to regulate temperature as much while the phone is off. This results in the phone charging in 208 minutes while the phone is off versus charging in 320 minutes while the phone's display and WI-FI are active.

However, the chargers which can support this higher Qi charging is rather limited. For example, if the Verizon 10W Wireless Charging Pad is used instead, we can see that the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand charges faster and cooler when the phone's display and WI-FI are active.

Although Qi charging power and speed has definitely improved with the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, so has the USB Power Delivery charging power and speed. If we compare the Samsung Galaxy Note10+'s charging performance between the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand and Samsung 25W PD 3.0 PPS Type-C Charger while the phone is kept off, we can see that the phone charges in half the time and cooler using USB Power Delivery. Because USB Power Delivery achieves faster initial charging, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ can go to cool down mode earlier while continued Qi charging keeps the phone temperature up.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/iPMw4-TdjvE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Note if the room is kept cool, we see that the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (with display on) 

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