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How to Set Up the LeFun Wireless IP Camera C2 with the LeEco Le Max 2

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In an earlier review, we saw that LeFun's Wireless IP Camera C2 works very well with the iPhone 6.  Let's see how well the Wireless IP Camera C2 works with an Android phone like the LeEco's Le Max 2. As it turns out, setup with the Le Max 2 was just as easy as with the iPhone.

First, we go to the LeEco App Store called the LeStore. 


Searching for "mipc" brought me immediately to the app I could use with the Wireless IP Camera C2


Pressing the green "download" button starts the download and when it finishes downloading, the button's text states "open" and the background of the button turns white.


The MIPC app can also now be found on one of the home screens. Entering it brings us to a prompt for our username and password. We used the existing account from the previous review, but if you do not have one, clicking on "Sign up" will get you started. 

We logged into our account and see that the camera we had was already listed. As soon as the indicator turned green, pressing on that preview screen allowed for us to take control of the camera. The usual visual adjustments such as night vision, brightness, contrast, resolution, etc, were available by pressing the sliders icon on the top middle. 


Other settings await to be accessed through the bottom right gear icon. 

Returning to the Device list, we can see account related settings accessible through the three horizontal lines icon on the top right. 

To see if the process of adding a device was as smooth as it was for the iPhone, I deleted the camera by pressing and holding on the preview and selecting "delete".

Now I pressed the top left "+" icon to add the device again. A familiar QR code reader presented itself and I scanned the bottom of the camera. The default user name and password automatically filled their respective locations, and I was able to re-add the camera after changing the password entry since we changed the password from the default. 


LeEco's Le Max 2 works just as well with LeFun's IP Camera as it did with the iPhone 6.  The LeFun's Wireless IP Camera C2 is an affordable choice for someone needing a wireless camera than can be controlled by both iPhones and Android devices.

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