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How to Set Up Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds with the Apple iPhone 6

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The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds looks a lot like Apple Beats headphones so let's see how it works with the iPhone 6 itself. The setup process is very easy and straightforward.

It is advised to first fully charge the earbuds- you can see it's charging from the small LED light on the side.  When fully charged, the LED transitions from the usual red to a solid blue.

Next, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone 6


By holding down the power button of the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds for a few seconds, the earbuds will turn on. If you are wearing the earbuds, you can hear it say "Power On".  At this point, it is discoverable over Bluetooth and you can see 'otium beats' show up under 'Other Devices'.

Once you click on 'otium beats', you will start to pair the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds with the iPhone 6.

While wearing the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds, you can hear a voice say, "connected", confirming that Bluetooth pairing is successful. In the future, all I need to do to use the earbuds is to turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone 6 and turn on the earbuds and they will automatically pair with the earbuds saying into your ear "Power on, connected!".

After using these earbuds extensively to stream music, watch TV shows, and play games, while I am no audiophile I personally found these earbuds to be very satisfactory. The lack of a cord is also extremely convenient- nothing gets tangled, but then I often forgetting to bring my phone with me sometimes and I am many feet away before I realize I left the phone behind.

There are some minor issues I found with the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds working with the iPhone 6.  When the earbuds initially connects to the iPhone sometimes the audio is choppy for a few seconds but then the choppiness goes away after that. 

Also, there is a slight mismatch in audio levels on the iPhone 6 and the Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds. The image below displays the level at which the earbuds no longer emit any audio.  Basically the first increment past mute still emits no audio.  

Finally, when listening to music at night when everything is quiet, the headphones can seem a little bit louder than necessary, but not obnoxiously so. 

The Otium Wireless Sports Earbuds generally works fine with the iPhone 6 which is to be expected given that Otium is positioning these earbuds as an inexpensive Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless alternative.







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