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How to Print from the iPhone 6S to Dell and Epson Air Play Enabled Printers

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I took a great picture out my cabin window, and loved it so much I wanted to hang a printed copy on the wall right away.

I first printed at home directly from my Apple iPhone 6s to the Epson WorkForce WF-3520 All-in-One Printer using Apple AirPrint.  It was cool because it bypassed having to send the photo to a laptop and then printing from the laptop to the printer. With Apple's AirPrint feature, you don't even need an intermediary computer and can print directly from your iPhone or iPad to any printer that supports AirPrint.



To use AirPrint, I selected an image on the iPhone and tapped on the share icon at the bottom of the screen. Then I scrolled to the right on the choices (Copy, Slideshow ...) and selected Print. A thumbnail of the photo was shown, and I had to "Select Printer". Tapping the right arrow led me to a list of available printers (At home I only have the Epson WorkForce WF-3520 All-in-One Printer).

I selected this Epson printer and returned to the Printer Options page. There I could choose how many copies and whether to print in black & white. I left it as 1 copy, and tapped on Print. (I love the little message "The printer is low on ink" - which is a good warning if you're planning on giving the printed photo to someone else.) The photo was beamed to the printer, where I admired it on paper right away!

I repeated this test in the office on the Dell E310DW Laser Printer. With the Apple iPhone 5s I had no trouble: the same process as above was used smoothly. With the Apple iPhone 6s, the phone could not find the Dell printer. I waited, but saw only a "No AirPrint Printers Found" screen.


A couple of days later I replied "Yes" to my iPhone 6's request to update the iOS to 9.3.1. After the installation, I tried to find the printer again, and it worked fine! Both office printers are there on the list.

I really like AirPrint because it makes possible printing directly from the iPhone. You can bring a AirPrint enabled photo printer to picnics and birthday parties and people could immediately print of any pictures taken at the event!

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