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How to Connect Your Phone Over Bluetooth with the Ford Focus (Unfortunately Huawei P10 Having Audio Connection Problems)

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In an earlier review, we saw how the Huawei P10 was able to freeze the Ford Focus audio system when connecting the phone to the car over USB. We then turned to trying to use Bluetooth to play Google Play Music from the Huawei P10 to the Ford Focus. Unfortunately, we had problems with using Bluetooth as well.

To set up the Ford Focus for Bluetooth, we pressed the Menu button and selected SYNC-Settings.

In SYNC-Settings, we then selected BT devices.

When we pressed Add, the car asked to begin the pairing process from the phone side.

We went to the Huawei P10's Settings -> Bluetooth and made sure Bluetooth and Visibility were turned on. We then saw the Ford SYNC in Available Devices and then selected it to initiate the pairing process from the phone side.


This time on both the phone and car we saw pairing requests using the same PIN which we accepted on both devices.


We were able to successfully pair the Huawei P10 with the Ford Focus over Bluetooth and see the phone listed as one of the BT devices.

The car then asked whether to set up the phone as the favorite phone and download its phonebook.

Unfortunately, despite the relative ease in Bluetooth pairing, the Huawei P10 often had problems playing audio over Bluetooth on the Ford Focus.

When we played a song from Google Play Music on the phone, we would see the song being displayed on the car but no audio being played.


After rebooting the phone, we could hear audio from Google Play Music in the car.


We found repeated problems though with audio being played over Bluetooth including both music and Google Maps navigation.



The Huawei P10 hasn't had much success playing audio on the Ford Focus either over USB or Bluetooth so we wouldn't recommend this phone if you have this car.

Reviewed Products

Reviewed Products

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