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How the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover Works

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In addition to touch screen, Samsung Galaxy S8 users can choose to type on a physical keyboard using the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover. This is great for users that want to have the tactile feel that they used to have with Blackberry devices.

We recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover to see how it can be used with the phone.

The Keyboard Cover accessory consists of both a cover and a tactile keyboard which can be clipped on directly to the Samsung Galaxy S8. When attached, the keys on the keyboard directly contact the screen which the phone recognizes and immediately adjusts its screen to accommodate.

There's also an instruction manual that comes with the Keyboard Cover in case you need help using the keyboard.

The keyboard can be conveniently clipped to the back of the cover when not in use.

The inside of the cover has a removal plastic film with some neat illustrations showing how to set up the cover and keyboard on the phone. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover includes the home key and return button on its keypad which should come in useful for Samsung Galaxy S8 users.

Unlike traditional mobile keyboards, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover doesn't use Bluetooth or power meaning it won't drain your phone or even need charging up itself. In fact the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover doesn't physically touch the phone when a key is pressed. Rather, sensors are used such that when a key is pressed, the phone can sense an electrical change in the physical location where the key is located and register the keystroke.  

Once you attach the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover to the Samsung Galaxy S8, the usable screen area shrinks and the virtual keyboard goes away.

Samsung does provide some quick overlay instructions on how to enable alternative characters, number lock, and Caps lock. You can also change the input language and enter accented letters with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover is really comfortable to use, and speeds up typing and accuracy for those still uncomfortable writing long e-mails or messages with touch screen keyboards.


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