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How Fast Can the Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter Charge the Panasonic Let's Note CF-SV7 PC Using USB Power Delivery?


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The Panasonic Let's Note CF-SV7 supports USB Power Delivery 2.0 charging through its Thunderbolt 3 based USB-C connector which we tested using the Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter while the PC is 2% charged. We observed a total of about 147 minutes for the Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter to completely charge the Panasonic Let's Note CF-SV7 through USB Power Delivery.

When plugged in, the Panasonic PC could be seen to pull up to 50 watts from the Apple charger in the first hour of charging. After the next 14 minutes, the current decreased gradually to reach below .5 amps towards the end of charging. Click here to download the trace captured by the GRL-A1 power analyzer to see how the Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter topped up the Panasonic Let's Note CF-SV7's battery from 2% charge level.

Although charging was much lower than 87W, the Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter is still able to charge the Windows based Thunderbolt 3 enabled Panasonic Let's Note CF-SV7 and not just limited to the Apple 15" MacBook Pro (Late 2016) or the Apple platform.

Download the A1 software from Granite River Labs here to view the trace.

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