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Garmin vivosmart HR Works Fine with Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4

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Garmin's vivosmart HR has been working well with a variety of devices and the Redmi Note 4 phone is no exception.

To set up the vivosmart HR, first you need to go to Google Play and install the Garmin Connect Mobile App. 


Here we will assume that the Garmin vivosmart HR has already been added but you can refer here if you have not done so. 

Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on before pairing with the vivosmart HR. Note that if your vivosmart HR had been paired before with another device, it is recommended to turn off and on the vivosmart HR and also turn off and on the Garmin's Bluetooth to make sure it's not paired with the previous device.



You will then be required to set your personal profile before proceeding to pair the vivosmart HR. On the vivosmart HR, press the button on the side to enter your settings and swipe until you see the Bluetooth icon. After selecting Bluetooth, swipe again until you see Pair Smartphone and then tap on the screen.


Once the App has detected the vivosmart HR, look for the number code on the vivosmart HR and enter that into the App to complete the pairing process.


Once pairing is successful, you will be asked to install the MyFitnessPal App if you don't already have it.


The MyFitnessPal App lets you set your calorie goals, record your food intake, and track your daily activities from which the App will share your data with Garmin Mobile Connect. To sync between both Apps, just select Remaining or Consumed on the My Day screen followed by Log Calories in MFP.


Once your data is sync'ed, you can explore the attractive features of the Garmin Mobile Connect such as tracking your steps, floors taken, calories burned, and heart rate. 


It's good knowing that the Garmin vivosmart HR can connect well with the Redmi Note 4 by Xiaomi, one of the best known brands in China and the rest of Asia.

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