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It's Easy to Set Up the Eve Motion using Apple HomeKit

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It's easy to set up the Eve Motion with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads given that the Eve Motion was designed to support HomeKit. Here we set up the Eve Motion with the iPad Pro which can also be used as your HomeKit hub.

You can directly pair your Eve Motion using the Apple Home App.

All you need to do is simply press the plus icon at the top right and select Add Accessory.

The Home App should quickly find the Eve Motion assuming that the Bluetooth on your Apple device is turned on.

You then need to take an image capture of the HomeKit code at the back of the Eve Motion in order to start the pairing.

Once paired, you can change the location settings and include in Favorites.

You should then be able to see the Eve Motion in the HomeKit App.

If you select the Eve Motion's icon in the Home App, and then select Details, you can also monitor the battery level and whether motion is detected.

You can also set up Status and Notifications but currently HomeKit is a bit limited here compared to some other platforms like Nest. For example, we weren't able to set up any e-mail notifications when the Eve Motion was triggered, a feature that seems like a "no brainer".

The only thing that was shown under Status and Notifications was a link to the Elgato Eve App. Here there are no option for setting up notifications as well due to current limitations on the HomeKit platform.

We next looked at how to set up automation using Apple's Home App and compare that with the Eve App. Surprisingly, the Eve App's automation capabilities were generally more extensive and allowed for more complex automation setups.

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