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V60 (2016)

by Volvo

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How to Connect an Android Phone like the LG G6 to the Volvo V60 Model Over Bluetooth

Like many cars, the Volvo V60 (2016) only supports USB connections to iPhones and USB storage but doesn't allow USB connections to Android phones like the LG G6.  

Plugging in an iPhone over USB and selecting iPod in the Media menu in the car will automatically sync up the phone's music library.

However, doing the same with the LG G6 results in an error with the Volvo V60 (2016) warning that USB on the phone is not readable.

With USB not being possible, you need to connect over Bluetooth instead.

If you press the Media button on the Volvo V60 (2016), you can then select Bluetooth and start the pairing process.

On the LG G6, you need to go to the Bluetooth screen in the Settings menu. One nice thing about the LG G6 is that you can stay connected over Bluetooth to both your car and another Bluetooth device like your Bluetooth headset.


After you confirm that the Bluetooth pairing passkey on the phone matches that on the car, and accept the request for the car to access your messages, the pairing process will be complete.


You can start making calls and playing music and other audio from your LG G6 to the Volvo V60 (2016).


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