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A Quick Look at Wearables in Sony Shinagawa Tokyo HQ December 2016

We had the chance to browse through various Sony products while visiting the Sony Headquarters in Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo recently. It was interesting to learn about the latest products and product ideas from Sony.

We came across the SmartWatch 3 SWR50 which was exhibited together with the new Xperia X Compact smartphone. These devices were paired to demonstrate features such as Music Player, mail/messaging and NAVI using the voice, touch and gesture control on the Android Wear platform.

Next we came upon the SmartBand 2 SWR12, an activity tracker featuring a heart rate sensor and accelerometer to track daily movements and sleep. When linked with the Xperia XZ smartphone, activity status can be graphically logged using the Lifelog application.

Down the line, we noticed a set of Hi-Resolution Audio MDR-Z7 headphones and PHA-3 headphone amplifier. The High Resolution Audio compatibility feature enables high quality sound when linked with compatible PCs, smartphones or audio players. 

While a Sony portable Walkman® model was spotted, the latest premium models like NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1A were unfortunately not available.

The display also showcased the premium Hi-Res h.ear on series of headphones which was a winning entry in the iF Design Award 2016.

Surprisingly we found a range of "smart" cosmetics also categorized as a wearable. Sony seems to be making its way into the beauty industry by introducing products like the Aromastic Mobile Scent Dispenser as showcased. The fragrance spray works as a mood enhancer which dispenses 5 different scents according to the person's mood. A discovery like this builds up anticipation to seeing what the electronics specialist will come out with next. 

Another interesting product is the Wena Wrist smartwatch range that incorporates smartwatch functionality on the watch strap. It offers features such as mobile payments, activity tracker and notification/call alerts via NFC and other sensors embedded in the strap. Among the models displayed are Chronograph and Three Hands.

Excitedly we came across the HDR-AS50 Action Cam, which is one of Sony's flagship video cameras. For a basic model, it is able to support 4K resolution via Time-lapse Capture which is pretty impressive. Also displayed were the higher-end HDR-AS300 and FDR-X3000 models with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled when used with the RM-LVR3 Live-View Remote Kit. The FDR-X3000 offers additional 4K Full HD capture of POV action movies and a built-in GPS. 

Finally we found a Sony VR model, the PlayStation VR CUHJ-16000 as showcased here. Tapping on the emerging VR trend, this futuristic-looking model combines the VR environment with PlayStation 4 to enhance gaming experience in 3D technology. Unfortunately we were unable to try it out as it was secured in a glass enclosure.

Going through the exhibits gives a good insight on Sony's product legacy, which also reflects the present and future direction of Sony.

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