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HP Pavilion 15-AU113TX

by Hewlett-Packard

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How to Miracast from the HP Pavilion 15-AU113TX Notebook to the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV

The HP Pavilion Notebook 15-AU113TX comes with Windows 10 which has wireless display Miracast technology built in allowing you to wirelessly display its screen to a supported TV like the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV.

To start Miracast from the HP Pavilion Notebook 15-AU113TX, first go to Settings -> Display in Windows and select 'Connect to a wireless display'.

Select the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV that shows up on the right side of Windows as 'Samsung 4 Series (32)'. The wireless display connection process will then start.

Once successful, you should be able to see the HP Pavilion Notebook 15-AU113TX's screen on the TV.

You can customize how your screen is mirrored by selecting 'Change project mode' which allows you to extend, duplicate, or use only the PC's or TV's screen.

The HP Pavilion Notebook 15-AU113TX can connect seamlessly with the Samsung K4300 Joy Smart TV over Miracast which is useful for casual desktop use and web browsing but don't expect to watch high resolution movies or play action games over a long period of time.

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