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ASUS ROG G752VT-DH72 (17 Inch)


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What Gadgets Are Selling at Yodobashi Camera Japan in May 2016?

I stopped by Yodobashi Camera near the JR station in Osaka and Hankyu Umeda station

Let's see what sort of electronics were carried in Yodobashi Camera. 

Fitbit had their own displays and taking reservations for the new Fitbit Blaze.

China's Huawei also had their display of wearables.

Local player Epson also had their health and fitness wearables displays.

Even US based Misfit had a respectable display for their fitness wearables.

In Japan, portable SSD's seem to be the range including products like the Samsung Portable SSD T3 which uses a USB Type-C interface.

SanDisk also had their Extreme 510 portable SSD product which does not use USB Type-C.

There was also a display section for a Smart Ring.

There were only a few Thunderbolt 3 products seen like this ASUS ROG G752VT gaming PC.

It was also interesting to see the now independent VAIO PC company sell a Windows based phone, the VAIO Phone Biz, competing now with its ex-parent company Sony.

You could also see Huawei's P8 max.

Taking a page out of Xiaomi's playbook, Japan upstart Freetel has been very successful in selling its budget phones in Japan and is now going after other markets like the US.

Anyone that has been to Japan knows how realistic the plastic food displays are in front of restaurants.  It's no surprise then that this technology has been applied to making USB memory sticks that look like sushi and other fun objects.


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