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Samsung Clear View Cover (Galaxy S6 edge)- Green

by Samsung

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The Galaxy Edge S6 Clear View Cover- So Much Potential, So Far to Go

Clear transparent Samsung cover for Galaxy S6 Edge The first thing you typically look for when buying a new phone is some sort of cover to protect it.  The Galaxy S6 Edge is especially beautiful to hold but also very easy to loose a grip on.  Try holding the Galaxy S6 Edge with one hand and another phone in another and see how losing the top side edges of the phone makes the Galaxy S6 Edge slippery to hold compared to the other phone. Other than protection of the phone, you also need a cover to protect yours hands or especially hands of young children.  When playing any graphics intensive games, the metal back of the phone is hot enough to the point of being unbearable to touch directly.  Having a cover between the phone and yours hands definitely allows you to hold the phone for longer periods of time without feeling like you might burn yourself. It's ironic that after all the effort Samsung engineers put into making the display edges curved and the phone thin, most people shove the phone into a bulky but grip-able protective case. Unlike the iPhone which typically has a huge accessory selection, there are less interesting phone case choices for the Galaxy S6 Edge although that should improve in the future.  The most interesting one is Samsung's own Clear View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  Like the Galaxy S6 Edge, it's stylish but at the expense of the overall user experience. Samsung Clear View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Call Coming In The Clear View Cover's biggest highlight is that you can see the time and swipe a finger to answer calls through the cover. Samsung Clear View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Clock View However just answering calls and seeing the time is just too limiting for practical use.  Most of the times, to do basic things like making a call and I find myself more often than not fumbling to open the case cover with 2 hands, and then bending the case all the way to the back of the phone so that the left hand can freely touch the screen.  This is sometimes dangerous because the slippery inside surface of the case cover is now the outside and the phone can slip out of your hands easily. Probably the most annoying thing is taking video where you need the keep the case cover open all the way flat  with 2 hands.  If the case cover is too close to the screen, the phone will stop your video and show the clock.  If the case is bent too far back, it will block the camera. You also can't make use of any of the edge screen specific features making you wonder what's the point of Samsung selling a cover made specifically for the Edge? Although some people may like the case is slippery enough to slide in and out of skinny jeans ok, for those looking for a grippy case surface, this product is not for you. Even though the Clear View Cover allows you to press the volume up and down buttons, you aren't able to use them to mute or un-mute your phone while the cover is on. Samsung needs to find a way to make the Clear View Cover more useful while the case cover is on the phone.  With so many limitations, the user would be better off to use a much cheaper and simpler cover and get to easily use all the functionality of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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