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USB-C Triple Display Docking Station with USB Power Delivery

by Plugable

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How to Achieve Video over USB Type-C Without DisplayPort Using the Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station with USB Power Delivery

The Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station with USB Power Delivery is a neat innovation on USB Type-C Docks, taking advantage of Plugable's expertise in USB display graphics conversion technology from DisplayLink.  (Click here for Amazon pricing on the Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station)

The Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is able to support connection to three displays- one HDMI display through a DisplayPort Alternate Mode to HDMI conversion, one HDMI display through a DisplayLink based USB to HDMI conversion, and one DVI/VGA display through a DisplayLink based USB to DVI/VGA conversion.

This means that the majority of computers that support a traditional USB connection over the USB Type-C connector can use DisplayLink technology to convert the computers's display graphics into a format that is transmitted through USB and then displayed over HDMI and/or DVI/VGA.  There is some additional overhead on the computer's processor for this DisplayLink approach but this allows computers that don't support DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C to still connect to an external display over USB Type-C.  You will also need to install additional drivers on the computers to get DisplayLink technology to work.

With the HDMI port coming from DisplayPort Alternate Mode, you can achieve a resolution of 4K@30hz.  The HDMI and DVI/VGA ports from DisplayLink support a lower 1920X1200@60hz resolution.

The Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station comes in the standard well recognized Plugable style box.

Inside the box, the Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station includes accessories like the AC power adapter, USB Type-C to Type-C cable (that supports DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.1 speeds), and a DVI to VGA adapter.  It's good to keep the included USB Type-C to Type-C cable since a lot of USB Type-C to Type-C cables out there only support charging and USB 2.0. 

The back of the Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station has two HDMI connectors.  The one in the white area supports 4K@30hz through DisplayPort Alternate Mode.  

There are also three USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gb/s) downstream ports to attach your USB peripherals and one USB Type-C upstream port to connect to your computer.  One Gigabit Ethernet port is also available.

The front of the Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station has one USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port and one USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port which support 1.5 amps charging.  There are also audio ports for microphone and headphones.

Unlike a lot of other USB Type-C docks out in the market, the Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station stands upright.  This vertical orientation can help you save space on your desktop.

The Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station (Click here for Amazon pricing) is generally a more Windows oriented product but all three displays should be able to work especially on Thunderbolt 3 Windows PC's.  However, for the new MacBook Pro (Late 2016), until the macOS Sierra (10.12) DisplayLink related technical issues get resolved, you won't be able to use the DisplayLink based HDMI and DVI/VGA ports.

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