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AC Charger ACU-TC34ADK

by Ozuma

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Why Is It So Hard to Get an Active USB Power Delivery Charger in Japan?

Compared to other regions like US and China, Japan has experienced a very slow adoption of USB Power Delivery. Even during a visit to Bic's Camera in Shin-Yokohama during March 2018, there still were no active USB Power Delivery chargers sold in the store despite a lot of store education content on USB Type-C cables and chargers.

Wireless Qi chargers were definitely more widely available compared to active USB Power Delivery based chargers.

As a result, the only USB Type-C chargers we found were similar to this Ozuma AC Charger ACU-TC34ADK which supports 15 watts of charging over  USB Type-C through setting CC lines at certain voltage levels without any active USB Power Delivery based protocol communications.

While such a simple approach is an inexpensive way to support 15 watts of charging, chargers like the Ozuma AC Charger ACU-TC34ADK are not able to support higher power levels needed for faster charging or charging larger batteries found in tablets and notebook PC's.

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