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OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket


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A Quick Look at the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket

After purchasing the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket from the Apple Store at the IFC mall in Shanghai, we opened the box to see what was inside.

The OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket uses 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi to connect to your Apple iPhone, iPad, or to iCloud using the Apple HomeKit platform. The OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket essentially just allows you to switch on and off power to the device connected to it through Siri or through HomeKit based home automation.

The OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket simply contains the socket and some documentation.

The OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket supports China style 250 volts/50 Hz plugs (up to 10 amps).

The OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket has a sole power button at the top of the unit.

The bottom of the unit contains the HomeKit code needed to pair the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket with your iPhone or iPad.

We'll take a look at the OPSO HK-OU1 Smart Socket in action with next several reviews.

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