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NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter

by NewerTech

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Unpacking the NuPower 60W USB-C Charger with Dual USB Charging

If you need an extra charger for your PC or mobile device, the NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter can supply up to 60W charging power that is USB Type-C enabled with USB Power Delivery quick charging. This charger can be used to charge supported Mac and Windows PC's, tablets, and smartphones with USB-C capability (as listed here). As it also comes with an additional 12W USB Type-A port, you can charge both legacy USB and new USB-C devices at the same time. 

The NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter that we purchased comes in a neat packaging which clearly displays what the charger offers. It conveniently includes an 18 inch USB Type-C to Type-C cable as advertised on the box.

The back of the packaging clearly states its features and specifications including a 1-year warranty. Besides the USB-C cable, the charger also comes with a 6 ft two-prong power cable.

When unpacked, we can see the 4.2 x 2.0 x 0.8 inch charger, USB-C cable, and power cable as promised.

The USB Type-C port offers a maximum output power of 60W with USB Power Delivery 2.0 enabled. It comes with the following power profiles: 15 watts (5 volts @ 3 amps), 27 watts (9 volts @ 3 amps), 45 watts (15 volts @ 3 amps), and 60 watts (20 volts @ 3 amps).  However, the label on the back of the NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter is incorrectly showing 5 volts @ 5 amps, 9 volts @ 5 amps, and 15 volts @ 4 amps.

Meanwhile the USB Type-A port can provide up to 12 watts (5 volts @ 2.4 amps) of charging and supports the USB Charging 1.2 specification.

The standard AC input port can be found on the other end of the 4.8 oz charger.

In the next review, we will test the NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter's performance with other devices. 

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