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Native Union Smart 4 Charger

by Native Union

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Apple Store Gets Its First 15 Watts USB Type-C Charger with the Native Union Smart 4 Charger

The Apple Store has started featuring its first USB Type-C chargers including the Native Union Smart 4 Charger which supports 15 watts of charging without having to use active USB Power Delivery negotiation.  

While the 15 watts that the Native Union Smart 4 Charger provides is not enough to test Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro products, it is enough to quickly charge the Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8. More importantly, it has three USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port so you can charge four devices at the same time.

Native Union uses real fabric to create a more natural feel to its products, which differentiates them from other chargers and cables that just use plastic.

The AC prongs of the Native Union Smart 4 Charger are foldable into its base, making them convenient for travel.

Each of the Native Union Smart 4 Charger's USB Type-A port supports 12 watts (5 volts @ 2.4 amps). However, the total output of the Native Union Smart 4 Charger is limited to 27 watts (5 volts @ 5.4 amps). This means that when four devices are all drawing power from the Native Union Smart 4 Charger, current will be regulated on each port such that the total wattage coming out of all the USB ports combined will not exceed 27 watts.

The Native Union Smart 4 Charger has a nice compact design but the corners are sharp making it less comfortable to hold. Still, it's good to see Native Union make inroads in the Apple Store with stylish USB Type-C chargers.

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