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USB-C to VGA Adapter

by Moshi

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Moshi USB-C to VGA Adapter Makes Your USB Type-C Device VGA Friendly

Despite the prevalence of HDMI and DisplayPort technologies, many external monitors and projectors still support the legacy VGA standard. A VGA adapter like the Moshi USB-C to VGA Adapter can come in useful in case you encounter projectors or displays that require a VGA connector.

Just plug the Moshi USB-C to VGA Adapter into a compatible phone, tablet, or notebook that supports DisplayPort over USB Type-C, such as a USB Type-C based Mac. The USB Type-C technology automatically switches to output DisplayPort, which is then converted by the Moshi adapter to VGA, to connect to your monitor. Note that unlike DisplayPort and HDMI, don't expect 4K resolutions to come out of VGA.

Also make sure to check all other notebooks with USB Type-C individually to see if they actually can support DisplayPort over USB Type-C. Only some phones like the LG G5 and HTC 10 support DisplayPort over USB Type-C.

Moshi has typically the same packaging for its USB Type-C cable products including the Moshi USB-C to VGA Adapter that is very compatible style-wise to the Mac. 

The Moshi USB-C to VGA Adapter looks like any of its USB Type-C cable family that comes with only a warranty card. 

The adapter's USB Type-C cable can be used to connect to not only USB Type-C based devices and laptops but also Thunderbolt 3 enabled PC's.

The VGA connector can be connected using a separate VGA cable to a VGA monitor or projector to achieve a resolution of 1920x1200 or 1080p @60hz.

We'll find out very soon how the Moshi USB-C to VGA Adapter can be used with different types of devices that include Apple and non-Apple products.

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