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4 ft USB-to-USB Type C Cable

by Modal

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You Can Buy USB-IF Certified Cables at a Best Buy Express Kiosk

For charging USB 2.0 only USB Type-C mobile devices or peripherals, you can use the Modal 4 ft USB-to-USB Type C Cable since it only supports USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s) data links and 3A USB Power Delivery based charging. The cable is USB-IF certified and comes in 4 feet or 10 feet gray/black version. Its braided cord gives a higher quality feel and provides more flexibility compared to the harder plastic material found on most USB cables. 

We purchased the Modal 4 ft USB-to-USB Type C Cable at a Best Buy Express Kiosk which conveniently sold several USB-IF certified cables including Best Buy's own Insignia brand and other peripherals at the time. 

To charge or move files between devices, just attach the USB Type-C connector of the Modal 4 ft USB-to-USB Type C Cable to your USB Type-C based computer, tablet, or phone, and plug in the cable's USB Type-A connector to your USB Type-A device.

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