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Micromax Canvas Knight 2- Royal in India

While smartphone global giants like Apple and Samsung battle it out worldwide, there are always local players that are strong in their own markets but virtually unheard of outside.  Micromax is a strong local brand in India but many people in other continents don't know much about the company or its mobile phone products.

Micromax's flagship product, the Canvas Knight 2,  goes up well against other quad-core processor smartphones based on pure specs.  So how does the user experience compare?

EZone Bangalore outside

EZone Bangalore mobile phone area

I purchased the Canvas Knight 2 at EZoneonline in Bangalore, India which has both online and brick and motar retail stores.  Unlike in countries like the US and Japan, it's very easy to buy unlocked phones in retail places like EZoneonline in India.

MicroMax Canvas Knight2 unopened box front view

The Micromax Canvas Knight 2 came in very artsy packaging and like other smartphones in its class, was looking to impress.

MicroMax Canvas Knight2 unopened box rear view

Interesting enough, on the back of the box, the label states that this phone is made in Guangdong China, similar to most other smartphones nowadays.  If India's Prime Minister Modi has his way in the Made for India initiative, perhaps the labels will no longer show China in sometime in the future.

MicroMax Canvas Knight2 box opening

MicroMax Canvas Knight2 opened box

The Micromax Canvas Knight 2 comes with standard USB charger and cable, as well as headphone accessories.

MicroMax Canvas Knight2 Top View

The Micromax Canvas Knight 2 was opened up at an South Indian restaurant in Bangalore.  Water is traditionally served in copper vases and cups which according to traditional teachings has health and purification benefits.


MicroMax Canvas Knight2 with Hyderabani Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a rice based dish that is associated with Hyderabad which is north of Kartnataka, the state that Bangalore is in.  Kartnataka has some native dishes of its own including the Ragi Mudde, a very healthy form of comfort food eaten especially in rural areas.

Ragi Ball Dish MicroMax Canvas Knight2 Bottom View

Unfortunately right after purchase, I found that the phone's speaker was not working.  Ezone does not handle returns or warranties, so Micromax had to send someone to replace the phone.  This is a pretty big defect for a flagship phone but at least Micromax was quick to rectify the problem.


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