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LeEco CDLA Digital Earphones

by LeEco

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CDLA Digital Earphones- LeEco's (LeTV's) First USB Type-C Earbuds

LeEco's second generation smartphones like the Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2 removed the 3.5 mm audio headphone interface and replaced it with USB Type-C headphones.  LeEco also released their own USB Type-C based CDLA Digital Earphones and CDLA Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones.  The CDLA Digital Earphones was released first and is a relatively simple product.  The more complicated CDLA Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones that can take advantage of the USB Power Delivery capabilities of USB Type-C

The CDLA Digital Earphones basically has a USB based audio codec chip that converts digital USB to analog audio output, similar to what you find on USB speakers and headsets in the PC accessories market.  Although it doesn't use USB Power Delivery, it still gets its power from the USB Type-C interface on the phone.

I was able to purchase the CDLA Digital Earphones directly from LeEco in Shanghai.

The CDLA Digital Earphones box is simple just contains the USB Type-C earbuds.

The CDLA Digital Earphones has a frequency range of 15 Hz to 25 KHz and output power of 15 milliwatts.

The length of the CDLA Digital Earphones cable is really long at 1.2 meters.

The CDLA Digital Earphones works on various USB Type-C phones and PC's.  For phones, one potential concern is how quickly the battery will be consumed due to the higher power consumption of involved with an active USB device (the CDLA Digital Earphones declares its max power consumption to be 100mA) compared to pure analog earbuds.  More reviews on this topics in the near future.

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