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JBL Reflect Aware C

by JBL

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The JBL Reflect Aware C Brings Noise Cancellation to USB Type-C Headphones

One trend starting to happen in mobile phones is the elimination of the old analog 3.5mm audio jack. The iPhone has already gotten rid of this jack with the Apple iPhone 7 while other Android phones like Lenovo's Moto Z Droid, ZTE's Nubia Z17, and LeEco's Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2 have also done the same.

For these Android phones with no 3.5mm jack, to listen to audio you need to use wireless headphones or USB Type-C headphones like the JBL Reflect Aware C. The JBL Reflect Aware C USB Type-C audio headphones can be used with a variety of notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones with a USB Type-C interface.

The first USB Type-C headphone was LeEco's CDLA Digital Earphones, but the JBL Reflect Aware C improves on that concept by supporting active noise cancelation and noise level adjustment by drawing power over USB Type-C. This allows smaller headphones to avoid having to carry their own batteries like those used by the Bose Quiet Comfort 20, instead drawing a small amount of power from the phone's battery. Note the power drawn is very low so USB Power Delivery technology is not used.

The box that contains the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones looks really hip in red and gray tones.

The bottom of the box shows off the JBL Reflect Aware C's partnership with the premium US based Harman Kardon audio brand to offer high quality audio.

Opening up the box will give you quick instructions how to easily control the headphones. You can adjust music playback and volume as well as noise levels to reduce unwanted noise in your surroundings by using the control buttons.

The JBL Reflect Aware C can be found comfortably nestled into the casing card, which shows sneak peeks of the main components of the headphones.

Apart from the earphones with attached USB Type-C cable themselves, the box also contained instruction booklets, ergonomic sport ear tips, regular ear tips, a carrying pouch, and a warranty card.

The JBL Reflect Aware C has sweat proof and water resistant earbuds and supports a frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 KHz.

The earbuds are attached with ergonomic ear tips to support noise cancelation and fit better in your ears.

The headphone control buttons consist of two distinct '+' and '-' buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume, an 'o' button for controlling music playback, and a noise cancelation/level button on the side.

We'll test the JBL Reflect Aware C to see how it performs with other USB Type-C devices.

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