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IHD 3300, HDMI Cable, 3000 mm

by ISY

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Get 3D Content On Your HDMI Displays Through the ISY IHD 3300 HDMI Cable

The German based ISY IHD 3300 HDMI Cable sold directly from Saturn, one of ISY's sales counterparts advertises to support 3D video and Ethernet over HDMI for its 3 m cable on its packaging. The ISY cable also comes with gold plated connector design that has been claimed to improve the quality of signals that flow through the cable.

Using the GRL DI20 cable tester to test the insertion loss through the ISY IHD 3300 HDMI Cable, we can see the cable has slightly better overall signal integrity performance when compared to the inakustik 3m High Speed HDMI Cable even though they are the same length. The inakustik 3m High Speed HDMI Cable despite being the more expensive cable (see review here) also has higher loss under 10 GHz compared to the ISY IHD 3300 HDMI Cable.

We had purchased the ISY IHD 3300 HDMI Cable from a MediaMarkt retail store in Germany which we unpacked as below.

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